Iynthuvetu Swamy Temple

Iynthu Veetu Swamy - Pooja Timing & Fees

The pooja pratice followed at this temple is quite different. There wont be any slogams or mantras during prayer or karpura aradhana. During prayer Sanganatham will be blown.

Every day three kala Pooja is done at this temple.

1. Morning (Kaalai Pooja) 8 AM
2. Afternoon (Uchi kala Pooja) 12 PM
3. Night (Raakkala pooja) 7 PM

Every day Morning 4 AM "Sangandi nadam and Segandi oosai" will be blown.

Other than the above pooja if any one does "Panividai" sannathi will be opened for them and pooja is done for them.

Every Month Special Pooja on FUll Moon Day and Amavasai days @ 9PM

Pooja Fees

1. Thengai Udaippu(per-1) Rs. 2.00
2. Mudi Kannikkai Rs. 10.00
3. Kathukuthu Rs. 5.00
4. Panividai Kattanam I Rs. 60.00
5. Panividai Kattanam II Rs. 50.00
6. Panividai Kattanam III Rs. 25.00
7. Swamy Photo Rs. 100.00
8. Swamy Varalaru Book Rs. 50.00
9. Annadhanam Donation Ticket Rs. 10.00 to Rs. 50.00