Iynthuvetu Swamy Temple

Welcome To Aathi Swamy Temple - Chettiyapathu

Iynthuveetu Swamy Temple situated with 6 Moolavar in IYNTHU sannathi and so it is called as IYNTHUVEETU SWAMY. The six gods in the temple are

1. Aathi Swamy
2. Periya Swamy
3. Vayanaperumal
4. Anandammal
5. Thirupuzhi Alwar
6. Periyapratti

Out of the six swamy only Periyaswamy sannathi has Statue for him. This dosent have raja gopuram and Mandapams etc and pooja parctice followed here are of region centric. i.e specifc to people living in this area and is different from normal pooja practice.

Aathiswamy is the oldest god in this temple. Aathiswamy is consider as Sudalaimada Swamy amsam as udupu, vallayam, aathiare used for this god.


The thirumani given at this temple is believe to cure any kind of disease. Thirumani is made of mixing Thirunoor and water.


people who have prayed to do Panividai at this temple will usually grow up goat, aathi(pig) etc in their house and they will bring it to the temple and use them for food at this temple.

Before starting to the temple, people will invite the aathi to the temple and aathiwill reach the temple automatically what ever may be the distance it is. If the goat or aathi doesnt reach the temple it means there is some flaw in the pooja of the diety. For this we should invite all our relations what ever may be the dsipute we have with them . The below are the different panividais performed at this temple.

1. Aathi panividai
2. Kirichuttan panividai
3. Macha panividai